United Way of Boyertown Area

We Support Basic Boyertown Needs
We Support Local Emergency Services
We Support the Mentally and Physically Disabled
We Support Boyertown Youth
We Support Boyertown Families
We Support the Fight Against Homelessness
We Support Healthy Living
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What We Do

We Provide for Critical Needs in the Boyertown Area!

We Help Families!

Aided by United Way funding, local Agencies provide critical supports such as food, clothing, medical and energy cost assistance.

We Support Our Youth!

We help Boyertown youth succeed in academics and life by providing proactive support for mental health and effective family and peer relationships.

We Help Fight Homelessness!

We help Boyertown area residents find and maintain stable housing by connecting them with health, human, and financial services.

We Act Locally!

Your generous donations serve only the immediate Boyertown area. All volunteer staff, with more than 95% of your gifts put directly to work!

Yes, the Boyertown Area has Homeless and many Near Homeless!


In fact, over 15% of Boyertown area residents  live in poverty and a recent study by United Way found over half of Boyertown residents earn less than the cost to live here.  Here is just one story about one local resident.


Clair grew up in Boyertown, graduated from Boyertown Area Senior High and lived with her mom who recently passed away.  She had been working for a few small businesses but due to a variety of physical and mental traumas, was unable to hold a steady job and pay her rent, facing eviction in 2022.  Donations to the United Way Boyertown Area help people like Clair through financial support from local agencies for rent, heating, clothing, food and social services that helped her keep her apartment and find a job she is able to hold.


Our local United Way is leading the Boyertown Area Homelessness Task Force, a community group of local non-profits, concerned churches and residents who meet monthly to coordinate services and resources for local homeless and help people like Clair maintain their housing.  The goal of the Task Force is for all Boyertown area residents to have safe, affordable housing.