United Way of Boyertown Area

About Us

Our Mission

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community and to conduct efficient community-wide fundraising which helps meet the community’s critical human health and services needs.

Using volunteer help, funds are raised in the community to support programs in local agencies that benefit people in the Boyertown area community. The local agencies are non-profit and meet rigorous eligibility requirements to be a member agency.

Our Story

The United Way of Boyertown Area has a long history of supporting the local agencies that provide much needed services to the Boyertown School District Area. As far back as 1932, community volunteers raised funds for the Boyertown Community Chest to benefit Boyertown service agencies. In October 1958, it was rechartered as the United Community Chest Fund of Boyertown Area and renamed the United Way of Boyertown Area in 1979. It is a tax exempt, non-profit organization registered with the IRS as a 501-(c)3 organization.


Our United Way is an equity change agent opposed to racism/ethnic discrimination and demonstrates inclusive behavior by moving from awareness to action, recognizing differences as strengths, valuing diversity of opinion, and respecting members of our Boyertown area community regardless of culture, religion, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic standing, and origin.

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Board of Directors

Our Board Members

John Landino



Vice President
Rod Boyer
Retired Educator


Sheila Nester
Sheila Nester & Associates, P.C.


Kenneth Hunt
Retired Executive

Diane Bodolus
Retired Educator

Lori Carnes
Mayor, Borough of Boyertown

Michelle Carlier

Samantha Dolansky

Student Representative

Steve Elsier
Executive, Former School Board Director

Sabrina Falzone
Student Representative

Andrew Mathius
Board Member

Steph Petri
Boyertown Area School District

Dennis Psota
Retired Police Officer

Brian Rohn
Boyertown Area School District

Robert Theisen, Jr.,
New York Life Insurance

Keith Youse
Retired Police Officer